Establishment of Enterprise Blockchain Mainnet & Payments Service based on Blockchain
A. Establishing Enterprise Blockchain Mainnet
1) Functions of network monitoring and administrator
2) Bulk transaction processing function
3) Functions of point creation and management based on blockchain.
B. Payment Service based on Blockchain
1) Sending points
    (Contact Interworking Transmission of mobile phone number), payment with bar code, payment with QR code
2) Point management
      Point charging (card payment, account transfer, mobile phone payment, etc.), point withdrawal, point switching (switching to other encrypted currency)
  3) Settlement function (franchising app)
      Registration and management of products, automatic records
Elamachain has built its own enterprise blockchain platform and built a versatile payment system based on it. ELA PAY is an integrated payment platform based on Elamachain's Hyperledger blockchain. Users can use encrypted digital currency in real life. We offer various payment services such as a charging prepaid card payment service, kiosk and mobile/ web app payment service with QR code, and all services are available with certification for just once through the integrated KYC service. We also develop and provide blockchain service in and out of the country (Korea, China, America).
We provide Elamachain solution to large enterprises and public organizations, and proceed blockchainization of existing systems.


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